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Organic Landscape Garden & Maintenance Services

Whether you want to maintain your garden or you’re looking to design something entirely new, you can feel confident choosing  Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance, one of the leading organic landscaping companies in Dublin. Through our in-depth knowledge and our passion for sustainable landscaping practices, we have helped countless homeowners like you realise the exciting potential in their landscape.

We offer a full range of Landscape Services, we also provide fully Organic Landscape Maintenance options such as

  • Low noise: No disturbance to offices operations or residents
  • Eco friendly / organic services
  • Grounds Maintenance / Schools, sports grounds, Industrial & Commercial facilities
  • Garden Design & Landscaping

Our design team are dedicated to helping you realise your landscape ideas and dreams, translating them into a reality that simultaneously minimises your impact on the environment and optimises your space for functionality and visual appeal.

Keeping a well-maintained landscape can be an exceptionally rewarding experience. It also, however, requires a substantial amount of time and knowledge. Let the professional landscape maintenance team at Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance lighten your load! Our lawn care specialists provide solutions and routine care that will keep your space well-manicured and flourishing throughout the growing seasons.

Reach out to our lawn maintenance crew for:

  • Weekly lawn maintenance – Mowing services, edging, garden and landscape weeding, spot seeding, and cleanup—we handle all of your weekly landscape needs.
  • Spring landscape cleanup – Whether you need spring garden maintenance or you’re looking for a team of experts to clear up your landscape so that it can grow naturally and right, Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance is the team to call.
  • Autumn landscape cleanup – We will mulch and recycle garden debris, provide cutting-back services in preparation for winter, and handle any garden cleanup you need.

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