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Garden Tips November


– Weeding galore… We’re sorry to say that September is not different to most other months when it comes to weeding, as there is a lot to get on with still! So, as always, try to do little and often, to avoid the weeds really taking hold.

– Vine weevil damage a wide range of plants, especially in containers. The creamy white legless grubs with brown heads live in the compost, feeding on roots during autumn and winter and do the most damage, causing plants to wilt or even die. So use a biological control nematode this month, when the soil temperature is warm enough for it to be effective. Nematodes work best in potting composts but not in open ground and are safe for edible and ornamental plants. Alternatively, use a proprietary liquid insecticide drench to compost in pots giving protection for up to four months. They cannot be used on edible plants or ornamentals in the ground.

– When the weather is fine keep on top of your lawn mowing – before you know it, October and the wetter weather will set in and you won’t be able to give it a proper mow before winter. Give your lawn a treat after its summer labours. An autumn feed must be high in potassium and low in nitrogen, or you will promote soft growth that is vulnerable to fungi and cool temperatures. Diluted liquid comfrey works well.

– Keep on top of your dead-heading particularly on roses, perennials and annuals. Here in Ireland,  we often get a milder autumn which means that you can enjoy blooms for a longer period.

– As the soil is still warm, it’s a great time to plant new perennials. You can also plant out any spring flowering bulbs like crocus, daffodils and hyacinths. And fill the gaps in any borders with autumn flowering plants like chrysanthemum – they’ll bring plenty of colour until the end of the season.

– Do you have a garden pond? Place a net over it now to avoid any leaf fall as autumn comes into full swing. Trust us, you’ll be thankful! And, as leaves do start to fall rake them up to make leaf-mould.


And last but not least – dont overlook your garden furniture. With any luck  the current mild weather will last for a few more weeks but eventually you will have to admit that summer is over and pack away your wooden garden furniture. Cleaning and oiling it with clear Danish oil before you do so will prolong its life as the oil will have plenty of time to work its preserving way into the wood.

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