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Garden Design Services Dublin

Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance are a highly recommended garden design company based in Dublin. Cian Lavin & his highly professional team have designed hundreds of gardens in Dublin, across Ireland and overseas. At Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance we offer a full-service garden design consultancy, including garden design, construction management, planting and garden styling. From small courtyards to full-scale rural landscaping, our gardens and landscapes are recognised for their strong, architectural lines, generous planting and elegant contemporary styling. Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that the garden design brief is clear and is interpreted correctly in the finished plan.

It can be difficult to visualise how your garden could look and to work out where to put features and plants for best effect. Our role is to help you do just that. We will listen to your requirements and ideas, absorb and interpret them and turn them into reality with the minimum of fuss, time and bother. This could be a full-blown garden design project including a presentation plan, construction drawings and planting plan, or occasionally with large gardens, we can help with planting only.

From the first meeting, we work together with our clients to draw up a list of requirements and develop the concept. We encourage our clients to source images of what kind of garden they are looking for in terms of style, colour, materials, and then we work with them to interpret their needs and turn it into reality.

Following thorough discussions with our clients, we carry out a formal site analysis, prepare the garden design brief and draw up the presentation plan which can be discussed and adapted in collaboration with our client.

Why Us?

Cian Lavin and his team have long experience in designing all sizes of gardens and landscapes. We apply the same principles of design to large gardens as we do for small gardens, with strong architectural lines and soft planting to achieve the best transition from interior to exterior and on to the surrounding landscape. From family gardens to orchards to kitchen gardens, we can provide a full design consultancy service to suit all clients.

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