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Garden changes to help you sell your house faster

Giving your garden some TLC is certainly worth doing if you’re putting your house on the market. A few small changes could make your outdoor space more attractive to potential buyers and could subsequently help to sell your house faster.

Dublin based Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance makes improving your garden easy. Chat to a professional about the work you’re planning today!

Whether it’s tidying up or opting for a complete overhaul, give potential buyers a reason to choose your home with these recommended garden updates to help make your house more sellable.

Give your garden a face-lift

Looking for ways to improve your property’s value without breaking the bank? You’ll be pleased to know that one of the easiest ways to do so is simply by giving your garden a face-lift. You don’t have to aim for a garden that recreates a fine landscape painting – it’s the simple things that will make the most difference.

Clean up, tidy litter, remove dead plants, pull weeds, paint any chipped fences, repair and feed the lawn, or even add a bit of colour with some new plants or a fresh coat of paint for the fence.

Even if you’re looking to sell your home during the colder months, it’s important you take care of your outdoor space. A messy garden can be a real put off. There is no guarantee that your garden will be beautiful all year round, and it can be time-consuming, but you can keep it alive and looking good with a little bit of prep.

Remember: your outdoor area doesn’t have to be perfect, just presentable. It’s a lived-in space, after all, but first impressions really do count so make it a priority to have a quick clean up to attract those buyers.

Often we are strapped for time and just don’t have as much time to spend gardening.  Let Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance help you with the jobs you just do not have the time for and improve your chances of making a quick sale on your property.

For many, a well-maintained garden will be the overall deciding factor when it comes to choosing to put down an offer or not. When designing or altering your space, consider adding a key selling point — one that will ultimately increase the value of your home, and shows buyers that thought and time has gone into designing the space.

What we live with on an everyday basis is not necessarily what we would choose for our outside space so the first thing that anyone should do is take a step back and try and look at their garden objectively; assess what enhances the space and what detracts from it. Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance can help you with this process. 

Adding shrubs and hedges is a really simple way to hide anything you don’t want new owners to see — such as unattractive buildings in the background. They’re also incredibly simple to plant and much cheaper than installing a fence. Again, Cian and his team from Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance can advise and carry out this work. 

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