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Ease your way into the gardening New Year – here’s how

Remember the promise you made to yourself some time last summer when you realised with a sharp pang of regret that your garden wasn’t looking as well as it might? Perhaps it was a heartfelt vow to finally sort out that shabby, weed-infested border. Or to tackle that overgrown and unwanted shrubbery once and for all. Maybe it was one of those light-bulb moments in which you pledged to turn that high-maintenance lawn into a pollinator-friendly wildflower or pictorial meadow, or to transform that patch of wilderness into a properly productive kitchen garden.

Then again, it could be that it was something more elusive – maybe a general feeling of ennui and discontent with your garden’s design or its style of planting. Perhaps you decided to become a better gardener. Or a more adventurous one. Whatever the motivation, here’s a host of useful ways to set the ball rolling so that your garden or allotment becomes a place that gives you much more joy.

Let’s start with those badly overgrown parts, in which case my advice is to pick your battles carefully. So ask yourself (and be realistic) if you’re truly prepared to tackle that large and utterly unkempt border or shrubbery all by yourself. Because there’s no shame (and a lot of sense) in calling in the experts to help with some of the really heavy garden maintenance work. Not only that, an experienced professional landscaper or gardener such as Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance, based in North County Dublin with ready access to all the right tools and machinery will get through it quickly and efficiently.

The most important thing to learn from any mistake is, of course, how not to repeat it, so make sure to ask these same professionals for their expert opinion. For example, is that overgrown border or shrubbery perhaps in the wrong spot (too dry, too wet, too shady, too close to mature trees or established hedges)? Is the soil in dire need of nourishment? Did the bed become weed-infested and overgrown because the soil was inadequately prepared? Or because the plants were entirely unsuitable? Or was it simply because you had unrealistic expectations of what would be required to maintain it? If that’s the case, then are there clever ways that you can make it lower-maintenance?

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How Your Garden Landscaping Will Work

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You’ll be then free to agree to your quoted rate. This price will include all of the costs involved in the work – labour and materials – so you’ll never see any hidden costs or fees surprising you later on.

Once you’ve agreed to your quote, we’ll get your appointment arranged for you. We work all week, and don’t stop for bad weather unless the work that we’re doing for you will suffer if we continue. This means your work will be getting done in the shortest possible time!

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