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We offer a range of garden maintenance services for private and residential gardens which include mowing,  strimming, pruning, hedge cutting, tidying and more. With over 20 years of experience of looking after gardens we have a team of gardening experts with a strong knowledge of their plants and high attention to detail. Contact us today and let us care for your garden.

Hedge Trimming

As with our other gardening services, we can schedule our visits as often as you need to keep your hedge in good condition throughout the year. We recommend hedges should be trimmed at least once or twice each year. Common species of hedges that we deal with are Beech, Yew, Hornbeam, Box, Hawthorn, Privet, Laurel, Leyllandii, Blackthorn and Holly.

If you need your hedges trimmed, shaped, maintained or renovated, our experienced team of experts can instantly transform your garden by pruning your hedges to freshen up your outdoor area.

Garden Tips November


Most plants benefit from regular pruning and maintenance and it is important to cut back correctly to ensure strong growth as well as maximising year-round colour. Some can be once or twice and others need to be continually pruned and deadheaded, to remain vigorous and in flower.

During the autumn, clearing out the dead by chopping back perennials that have died down creates space for winter bedding as well as new growth the following year. Our team of experts offer basic and specialist pruning as part of our general maintenance services.

Garden Clearance

Our team can very quickly transform an untidy looking garden into a clean and tidy area. Leaf clearing services for domestic and commercial gardens can be arranged as regular garden and grounds maintenance or as one-off visit. This includes leaf blowing, clearing and collection, which is particularly important during the autumn time as a thick layer of decaying leaves will stop the light getting to your grass and turn to mush, so its important to act fast to minimise the damage. All waste is taken off site and disposed in an eco-friendly way.

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