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How does your lawn look? Does it look neglected? As the Autumn season begins, then it’s understandable. Seasonal changes have a profound impact on landscapes. The effect has an adverse health effect on a lawn. Look at it this way, when the leaves fall, they cover the whole garden and of course, create a mold breeding environment. Consequently, this poses a health risk for both pets and humans.

Besides that, these leaves have both useful and harmful impacts on soil. Trees, flowers, and other plants in your garden could be affected by this excessive layer of leaves. It is worth noting that leaves lying on the grass for a long time could lead to grass rotting. This means, if you don’t hire garden cleaning services as soon as possible, your garden will have a lot to recover from.

The goal of Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance is to clean up your garden during or after the autumn seasons. Our services are affordable and tailor-made to fit your garden needs. We can prepare your landscape for a dormant season (winter). Although it is time-consuming, we understand the importance of clearing your garden. We have many years of experience as well as excellent skills. We put into action these skills to leave you contented with the results. 

Our services include:

  • Remove organic debris such as branches, leaves and assorted clutter
  • Redefine edges
  • Plant new plants where some have rotten as a result of a thick layer of fallen leaves
  • Clean flowerbeds and redefine it
  • Prune plants and shrubs
  • Weed
  • Gathering and compositing leaves
  • Mowing grass
  • Mulching

This could work for you if…

  • If you have left lying in your compound
  • Have a commercial building and need to look presentable
  • Your backyard grass and plants look unhealthy
  • You need direct gardening after Autumn
  • if you’re looking for a garden company
  • if you need garden cleaning services

​If you’re looking for garden help & maintenance, we are your go-to company. We have vast experience and technical tools that are right for the job. We have excellent customer services. Kindly go through our pages and read about our other services. Alternatively, schedule a call with us and inquire for tailor-made services. 

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