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5 easy New Year’s resolutions for gardeners

If you’re among the almost 50 percent of Irish people, who statistics show, make New Year’s resolutions, be sure to remember gardening when setting your goals for the coming year. In fact, consider putting gardening at the top of your list.

Gardening can help you achieve some of the other resolutions that are often at the top of resolution lists, such as slowing down from the hectic pace, living a simpler life, exercising and losing weight.

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To help you get started, here are five goals to consider adding to your list of New Year’s resolutions:

1. If you’re not a gardener, become one. You don’t even have to have a massive garden to become a gardener.  Apartment dwellers might be surprised to know how many flowers, herbs and small vegetables they can grow in pots. Beginner gardeners might also be surprised to learn that gardening is exercise and gardening is good for you in other ways as well. Like all exercises, gardening will help you burn calories while helping you reduce stress and unplug. It will also teach you patience — after all, you can’t hurry Mother Nature!

2. Reduce your lawn area. Lawns can bey very  high-maintenance. If you replace some of your grass area with shrubs, perennials or even vegetables, you’ll spend less time behind the lawn mower and less money on fertilising, watering during hot summers and re-seeding in the spring or autumn. You can even begin this project now by organically killing a portion of your lawn. All you have to do is select an area of grass and smother it with compost and aged manure or “burn it up” by solarizing it under plastic sheets. By spring, the area should be ready for planting and mulching. Not feeling confident in your skills to take this task on yourself – then give Cian from Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance a call for sound advice and expert skills to improve and reduce your lawn area.

3. Go native. This will really simply your life! Native plants adapt much easier to periods of stressful weather, such as hot summers or bitter winter cold snaps, than hybrids. They also help sustain beneficial insect and bird populations because they attract native pollinators and birds that might not be drawn to non-natives plants.

4. Start a compost bin. Here, again, you don’t need a yard or large space to create garden compost. Small composters no bigger than a patio grill are available from garden centers or online. They’ll turn kitchen scraps, leaves or yard waste into what some gardeners call “black gold” — nutrient-rich material for your pots or in-ground plants. Industrious and handy gardeners, of course, can build their own bins using 4×4 posts and heavy gauge wire or slatted boards. Either way, for the eco-conscious they serve the added purpose of reducing the amount of recycle material.

5. Add one new sustainable method to your gardening routine. Working in harmony with nature instead of fighting it will improve the health of your soil, the bounty from your garden and minimise negative effects on the environment — as well as cut down on your stress! There are many sustainable practices you can use to increase your gardening enjoyment. One example would be to resolve to eliminate chemical fertilisers. Another would be to install one or more rain barrels to capture rain runoff from the roof.

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