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Winter Garden Maintenance Service Malahide

Just as your garden has four distinct seasons of growth and rest, it has four distinct seasons of landscape and garden maintenance. What you have to do depends on the time of year and the type of tree or plant. Here are checklists for seasonal lawn care; trees, shrubs, and ground covers; flower and kitchen gardens; and hard landscape elements to make the work easy to tackle no matter the time of year.

Winter Lawn Care

  • If your lawn is green in winter, lightly dose with nitrogen fertilizer in late winter.
  • For optimal winter lawn care, avoid walking on it if it is dormant or frozen, and use alternatives to salt (sand or kitty litter) as appropriate.

Winter Trees, Shrubs, and Ground cover Maintenance

  • If rain and snow are lacking, water newly planted evergreens.
  • Plant bare-root roses as soon as you can.
  • Prune fruit trees in late winter; spray with dormant oil.
  • Wrap trees with tree guards to protect from rodent damage.
  • Wrap tender foundation shrubs in burlap.

Winter Garden Maintenance

  • Review wintering bulbs, discarding those that are soft or rotten.
  • Order seeds for spring.
  • Fertilize flowers in mild-winter regions with a fast-acting fertilizer.

Winter Hardscape Maintenance

  • Repair broken elements such as arbors.
  • Organize tools in your garden shed or garage.
  • Check irrigation systems for cracks.
  • Clear decks, patios, and walkways of snow.
  • Repair stone and concrete walls as weather permits.

If this list of winter maintenance jobs seem too overwhelming – do not hesitate to contact Dublin based Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance. We clean up and maintain many gardens and outdoor spaces in Malahide and across Dublin. We will literally make your grass greener!

From pruning and irrigation to property maintenance and hard landscaping, Lavin Landscape & Ground Maintenance is ready to assist you with your winter garden maintenance jobs.  We value the trust customers place in our services and strive to exceed expectations.

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