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Lavin.ie were delighted to be asked to sponsor the main prize at the recent quiz for Santa Sabina parents association Fundraiser held in Howth Yacht club on 21st of April 2016.  Rather than going for the usual bottle of vino we provided shrubs which included mini standard Olive trees.  Pictured below the winners and the organising committee.

Wholesale Shrubs

Lavin.ie sell trees & shrubbery at wholesale rates in the greater Dublin area.  We have over 500 hundred shrubs and trees to choose from.  To avail of the wholesale rate we have a minimum order of 50 plants.  Our prices are on average 60% cheaper than the garden centres.  We will soon be adding online ordering & payment to make it even easier for you.  Please email us at info@lavin.ie for the latest plant availability and price list.  Some terms and conditions apply but nothing sneaky.




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