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The Best Landscaper For All Your Home Outdoor Landscaping Projects In Howth

  • We provide high-quality craftsmanship on all  landscaping
  • Recommended time and time again after giving good value to our customers
  • We cover all areas of Dublin  – we are based on the Northside and a lot of our customer base is based in Raheny, Sutton & Howth

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Before work begins at your home, as expert gardeners in Howth, Co. Dublin  we will carry out various checks to foresee any problems which may prevent the work from running smoothly from start to finish.

Like with any planning, it’s important we understand the benefits you require from your new landscape design.  As professional gardeners and landscapers, it is vital for us to understand what you want from your garden space…

LITTLE TO NO MAINTENANCE – Worrying about the upkeep and garden maintenance ?We can create a simplistic design for you to enjoy with low level maintenance required…

PRIVACY AND SECURITY – There is nothing better, then peace of mind. Feeling safe is a life necessity and we can design a space which will  help you to feel relaxed in your garden.

MORE SPACE – We can design a garden that will insure good use of any  spare garden.  A small conversion can be created into a larger area for a pathway, car entrance, planting area, outdoor terrace etc

Garden Designers With The Know-How

Garden design is the forefront of what we do and that is another great reason to give us call no matter what it is you need. As Landscape Gardeners, we have the solution so you can extend near enough any livable part of your property by creating an outdoor living space.

The Best Gardner’s Can Always Tailor Any Outdoor Living Space To Suit Your Needs

An all-around good design should take into account the functions of;

  1. Different areas
  2. Changes in the terrain
  3. Places for entertaining
  4. Areas for storage
  5. Points of access

If you require landscape gardening then look no further than Lavin Landscape Services based in Dublin . With a wealth
of experience in the landscape and horticultural industry, our fully qualified team will bring you exciting conceptual
projects. No project is too big or too small, whether it be driveways, fencing or soft landscaping our design team will
bring new dimensions to your garden.

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. All our projects are completed to the same high standards with a focus on a keen eye for detail.

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