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Your time is important, life is busy and all too often the garden is put on the long finger. You may want to tackle it yourself but generally it is more cost & time effective to hire professional help in your garden.

For an average city garden you may decide to tackle it over a couple of Saturdays, hire in a skip or two and maybe even put your back out. Whereas it may take one of our crews a day to fully transform the urban jungle to tamed manicured garden.

We know what we are doing but what does that actually mean?

Many a time we have been called to ‘finish’ a garden that was half heartily hacked with a bushman’s saw. In many instances beautiful mature specimens have been obliterated. If you were to buy same in a nursery you could be paying hundreds of euros! By employing Lavin.ie at an earlier stage either to advise or physically carry out the job you will be getting expert garden advice and care. We know when and how to cut shrubbery correctly, what to keep, move or remove.

Our professional equipment allows us to tackle the job efficiently and with ease, what would take you days could be done in a few hours. By shredding the arising green waste, we can either remove or reuse as mulch in your garden.

Autumn & Winter maintenance

Leaf litter removal from car-parks and from gardens. Leaves are bulky and awkward to pick up especially in large quantities. Using tractor mounted blower and front mounted brush we can quickly clear leaf litter into piles which are then vacuumed up onto one of our trucks.

Moss & Weed killer for hard surface

Over the past two years especially the weather has been quite wet, as such moss build up on hard surfaces. In many instances and it is vital to keep it at bay for health and safety reasons, but also it looks unsightly. The main problem we have found with the commercial chemicals was the nasty odour and they were ineffective. Through testing and research we developed our own organic moss treatments quickly killing moss on lawns and hard surfaces and is safe to use around people and pets alike.

  • Lawn treatments for weeds, moss and fertilising
  • Hard surfaces that have become unsightly with moss, weeds and debris are restored
  • Autumn leaf clearing
  • Garden clean-ups
  • Garden restoration
  • Specialised expert pruning
  • New planting & landscaping
  • Low maintenance gardens
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